GB FORM (Herbal tea) 32 pcs

Our Goji Berry products that we produce 100% naturally in our own garden. A gift from our garden to your health...

GB-Form herbal tea, which is prepared using superfood Goji berry and green tea, is a very special scientific formula developed to help healthy nutrition.

Also in its composition; pollen, mate, heather, thyme, strung grass, rosemary, chamomile, fennel. Goji berry with green tea is the favorite of those who want to eat healthy. It is known that this effect occurs as a result of the polysaccharides, which are extremely concentrated in the goji berry, converting food into energy. Goji berry also has a fat burning effect.

GB-Form tea; Contains 100% natural plants, does not contain colorants, preservatives, glucose syrup, thickeners, GMOs and any additives. 1-2 sachets are added to 1 large cup of boiled water, infused for 5 minutes and then drunk.

It is recommended to consume one glass in the morning and in the evening on an empty stomach.

Store in a cool and dry place.



Kuantum Tourism Development Cooperative
From our natural GOJI BERRY products carefully produced in our garden to your health.

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About Us

GOJİMANA is the brand of our Kuantum Tourism Development Cooperative, which combines its forces in Turkey and makes completely domestic production, where we produce natural products in its own gardens. In other words, Quantum Tourism Development Cooperative is a cooperative that was established in September 2012 by doctors, academicians, faculty members, bureaucrats-officers, health-tourism and domestic/foreign trade company owners. It is a formation with a strong structure with its export and contracting experience. Our working zones; We provide services in the organization of health congresses, transfer and treatment of patients from abroad, tour organizations, integration of tourism with agriculture projects. Confidence and Success; Our cooperative, acting with the motto of "Trust and Success", is to provide quality service to its customers in its fields of activity.