GB VITAL(60 natural capsules)

Our Goji Berry products that we produce 100% naturally in our own garden. A gift from our garden to your health...

This very special product, consisting of Goji Berry, hydrolyzed collagen peptide (Types I, III), perga and herbal mixture, is a complete health and beauty elixir. 

Goji berry, the unique youth elixir, and bioactive hydrolyzed collagen peptide in its composition, together with numerous enzymes, phytohormones, important amounts and types of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B8, B10, B11, B12, E, D, K) , C, F), especially PVitamine (Rutin), provitamin A (Carotene), biotin, folic acid, many minerals and oligoelements.

Collagen is an important component that makes up 70% of the skin in the body.

 The preservation of collagen in the body is extremely important for a young and healthy skin structure. However, taking collagen in the form of low molecular hydrolyzed peptide is necessary for bioactive absorption within the body. Hydrolyzed collagen increases collagen synthesis in the body, especially with vitamins P and C. 

It collects the fat tissues under the skin and prevents the formation of cellulite. GB-Vital also protects body resistance, gives vitality, supports growth, development, regeneration of cells and tissues; It helps to get rid of diseases quickly. 

It helps to lose weight in a healthy way and has a positive effect on blood cell count and reproductive hormones. Auxiliary components such as turmeric and ginger in its content have an important effect on increasing the immune system of the body. 

It is an organic capsule. For adults (11 years and older), it is recommended to consume one capsule 3 times a day (morning, noon, and evening) before meals. 

It should preferably be kept closed in the refrigerator and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. 


Kuantum Tourism Development Cooperative
From our natural GOJI BERRY products carefully produced in our garden to your health.

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About Us

GOJİMANA is the brand of our Kuantum Tourism Development Cooperative, which combines its forces in Turkey and makes completely domestic production, where we produce natural products in its own gardens. In other words, Quantum Tourism Development Cooperative is a cooperative that was established in September 2012 by doctors, academicians, faculty members, bureaucrats-officers, health-tourism and domestic/foreign trade company owners. It is a formation with a strong structure with its export and contracting experience. Our working zones; We provide services in the organization of health congresses, transfer and treatment of patients from abroad, tour organizations, integration of tourism with agriculture projects. Confidence and Success; Our cooperative, acting with the motto of "Trust and Success", is to provide quality service to its customers in its fields of activity.