Our Goji Berry products that we produce 100% naturally in our own garden. A gift from our garden to your health...

GB RELAX TEA COMPLETELY NATURAL PLANT EXTRACT 60 GR GB relax tea is a 100% natural herbal formula specially developed with expert psychologists. Its composition includes medicinal plants such as passiflora, valerian, St. John's wort, lemon balm, fennel, black herb, hops, lavender, sage, along with superfood goji berry and pollen. 

Goji berry, which is a unique vitamin C store, also has a calming and stress-reducing effect. It has been discovered that it contains substances that are good for depression and anxiety.

Goji berry, which contains B and E vitamins in its composition, is also rich in amino acids. Extracts of plants such as Passiflora, valerian (valerian); Thanks to the special components they contain, they are completely natural plants that have been widely used as a relaxant in recent years.

 Valerian; It is a very special plant known for its anxiety-reducing, calming, sleep-regulating effect. 

Passiflora, diğer adıyla çarkıfelek çiçeği, tırmanarak büyüyen bir asma türüdür. İçeriğinde yer alan apigenin bileşeni, sakinleştirici etkiye sahiptir. Bu tür bitkilerin en önemli özellikleri, diğer pek çok kimyasal ilaçların aksine, rahatlatıcı etki yaparken hafıza ya da motor reaksiyonlarını yavaşlatmamalarıdır. 

Relax tea significantly supports relaxation thanks to other natural components in its composition. 

It is not addictive in any way. 



Kuantum Tourism Development Cooperative
From our natural GOJI BERRY products carefully produced in our garden to your health.

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GOJİMANA is the brand of our Kuantum Tourism Development Cooperative, which combines its forces in Turkey and makes completely domestic production, where we produce natural products in its own gardens. In other words, Quantum Tourism Development Cooperative is a cooperative that was established in September 2012 by doctors, academicians, faculty members, bureaucrats-officers, health-tourism and domestic/foreign trade company owners. It is a formation with a strong structure with its export and contracting experience. Our working zones; We provide services in the organization of health congresses, transfer and treatment of patients from abroad, tour organizations, integration of tourism with agriculture projects. Confidence and Success; Our cooperative, acting with the motto of "Trust and Success", is to provide quality service to its customers in its fields of activity.